Friday, July 16, 2010

This is a stream of consciousness review on the fly:

Your Truly:
Knocked it out of the park. Tight jams. Funky time signatures. Remind me of Rush meets the Jam but better. If I were an A&R man, I would sign these guys an have them open for Mars Volta. Watch them go platinum. I'm dead serious. See them. Now.

Chalk Dinosaur:

Rocky beginning and end but when they click it's on. They should drop the Weezer 2.0 songs and stick to hot licks like instrumental "Mahi-Mahi." Concert goer says, "If they were cuter, they'd be bigger."


Indie rock, you have brought the work so far. I never thought I'd see drunk hipster dance to a band that sounds like Boston meets Supertramp meets Phoenix. Tight songs and rhythms. If you like Phoenix, you must check these guys out. Three bands to watch for.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 14th Trivia Answers

Current Events:

1. What former vice president had a new heart pump recently installed?
Dick Cheney

2. On what Leonardo Da Vinci painting was its restoration recently completed?
Virgin of the Rocks

3. What hit MTV reality show recently aired its last episode?
The Hills

4. The National League on the MLB All-Star Game for the first time since what year?

5. A billboard for the Northern Iowa Tea Party was removed this week because it compared President Obama to which two European leaders?
Hitler and Lenin

6. George Steinbrenner, infamous owner of the New York Yankees, dies this week at age 80. How many World Series titles did the Yankees win while he was the owner?
7 (1977. 1978, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009)

7. A ship was recently diverted to Egypt by Israel despite being an attempt to bring aid to the Gaza Strip. What country was that ship from?

8. What type of blunt has recently been discovered to have cause 400 deaths in China?
A mushroom

9. PennDOT demolished the Allegheny River Bridge this week which since 1951 brought which roadway across the rive?
Pennsylvania Turnpike

10. Which major college sporting event was announced it will be hosted at the Consol Energy Center in 2013?
The Frozen Four


1. True or False, Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River in terms of land area.

2. Who is Georgia named after?
King George the 2nd

3. What is the state song of Georgia?
Georgia on My Mind

4. What US General destroyed much of Georgia, including Atlanta and Savannah, during his March to the Sea during the Civil War?
William Tecumseh Sherman

5. What fruit appears on the Georgia state quarter?

6. True or False: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest passenger airport in the world

7. Dalton, GA is famous for the production of 90% of the world's what?

8. What Georgia resident is famous for igniting the cable television revolution?
Ted Turner

9. What hip-hop duo is famous for bring Atlanta and the Dirty South to the forefront?

10. What soft drink was created in Atlanta on May 6, 1886?

Name That Tune:
200-191 Pitchfork 60s

200. Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
199. Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair - Nina Simone
198. Walk on By - Dionne Warwick
197. Solo Dancer - Charles Mingus
196. Time Is On My Side - Irma Thomas
195. Night Train - James Brown
194. Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
193. Jackson - Johnny Cash and June Carter
192. I'm Still In Love With You - Alton Ellis
191. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Cannonball Adderly Quartet

Mystery Category:
Bastille Day/July 14th

1. In France, what does Bastille Day celebrate?
The Storming of the Bastille

2. What year was the Bastille stormed?

3. What was the Bastille?
A Prison

4. Where does the key to the Bastille reside now?
Mount Vernon in George Washington's home.

5. On this day in 2002, what French leader escaped assassination?
President Jacques Chirac

6. Article 17 of France's constitution allows the President to do what on Bastille Day?
Pardon criminals

7. Paris' annual Bastille Day parade is a major event in France. What made the 2004 edition special?
It maked the first time the parade was led by British troops

8. Philadelphia's Bastille Day celebrations has what famous queen throwing pastries at soldiers?
Marie Antoinette

9. On this day in 1881, what famous American outlaw was shot and killed by Pat Garrett?
Billy the Kid

10. On this day in 1912, what American folk singer was born?
Woody Guthrie

Genius Round:

1. Ed Reulbach in 1908 pitched two shutouts on the same day, the only player to do so. What team did he play for? (5 points)
Chicago Cubs

2. The first use of the term boycott was used by the Irish Land League against who? (5 points)
Captain Charles C. Boycott

3. Who is the only female director to win the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival? (4 points)
Jane Campion

4. A person who is ecclesiophobic is afraid of what? (6 points)

5. Philadelphia-born Alicia Moore is better known as what music artist? (5 points)

Sorry for the delay.

Answers from the past few weeks:

June 23rd

Current Events:

1. General Stanley McChrystal is in hot water this week over comments given in an interview with which magazine?
Rolling Stone

2. The College World Series gotta under way for the last time at Rosenblatt Stadium in which US city?
Omaha, Nebraska

3. After becoming unruly at a Yankees-Mets game at Citi Field, Lady Gaga was ut in the private box of what comedian?
Jerry Seinfield

4. Jack Abramoff, disgraced Washington lobbyist is now working in Baltimore at what type of business?
A kosher pizzeria

5. A group of villagers recently took matters into their own hands, capturing members of the Taliban. What is the US media's name of this vigilante group?
Gizab Good Guys

6. Fans began gathering in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday for the premiere of which movie sequel which won't happen until Thursday.

7. Who won the 2010 US Open in golf at Pebble Beach this weekend?
Graeme McDowell

8. Which famous White House correspondent announced she was retiring this week?
Helen Thomas

9. Paintings of what religious figures from the 4th or 5th century were found in Rome this week.
Christ's Apostles (John, Peter, Paul, Andrew)

10. Since his death one year ago, how much money has Michael Jackson's estate made?
1 billion dollars

Delaware Trivia:

1. On what date in 1787 did Delaware become the first state to ratify the Constitution?
December 7

2. Who is Delaware named after?
Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr

3. What is the University of Delaware's mascot?
The Fighting Blue Hens

4. Caesar Rodney's dramatic midnight ride from Delaware helped seal the vote in favor of which 1776 event?
The Declaration of Independence

5. What percentage of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware due to its corporation-friendly laws?

6. What corporation, famous for Teflon, Kevlon, and Tyvek, is responsible for most of Delaware's economic success?
Du Pont

7. Where does Delaware rank in population?

8. True or False: Delaware is the only state without commercial air service?

9. The Wilmington Blue Rocks, Delaware's biggest professional sports team, is a high-A affiliate of which Major League Baseball team?
The Kansas City Royals

10. Which musician, famous for his hit Bad to the Bone, tours with his group the Delaware Destroyers?
George Thorogood

Name That Tune: June 23rd, 1975

10. Cut The Cake - Average White Band
9. Listen to What The Man Said - Paul McCartney
8. Get Down, Get Down - Joe Simon
7. The Hustle - Van McCoy
6. Sister Golden Hair - America
5. Love Won't Let Me Wait - Major Harris
4. I'm Not Lisa - Jessi Colter
3. Wildfire - Michael Murphy
2. When Will I Be Loved - Linda Ronstadt
1. Love Will Keep Us Together - Captain and Tennille

Mystery Category: Minor League Baseball (Name the City or State) Bonus point for Team Affiliate

1. Norfolk Tides
Virginia (Baltimore Orioles)

2. Vermont Lake Monsters
Burlington (Washington Nationals)

3. Greenville Drive
South Carolina (Boston Red Sox)

4. Albuquerque Isotopes
New Mexico (Los Angeles Dodgers)

5. Birmingham Barons
Alabama (Chicago White Sox)

6. Altoona Curve
Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh Pirates)

7. Arkansas Travelers
Little Rock (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

8. Asheville Tourists
North Carolina (Colorado Rockies)

9. Eugene Emeralds
Oregon (San Diego Padres)

10. Clearwater Threshers
Florida (Philadelphia Phillies)

Genius Round:

1. What is the high-end temperature jet engine turbine blades can face? (6 points)
2900 F°

2. The Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars are the only two NFL teams to not draft players from which Big 12 conference college? (5 points)
Texas Tech University

3. Watson, an artificial intelligence software program from IBM, will compete on Jeopardy soon. Who is Watson, named after? (4 points)

4. The 2001 independent film Scotland, PA is a retelling of what Shakespeare play in the 1970s? (5 points)

5. What was the name of the French mansion used by the Rolling Stones during the recording of Exile on Main Street? (5 points)

June 30th

Current Events:

1.What is the name of the hurricane currently off the Mexican coast?

2. Christian Wulff recently won a thread round of voting to become president of which European nation?

3. Famous for its deal of the day, what popular shopping website was acquired by

4. What talk show legend announced his retirement this week after 25 years?
Larry King

5. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut recently played the longest match in tennis history. How many games were played in the now famous fifth set?
138 (70-68)

6. Which company had to recall 233,00 of its popular VAIO laptops due to them running too hot?

7. Which actor, famous for playing the role of Michael Scott on the American Office, said this upcoming season would be his last.
Steve Carell

8. What country knocked the United States out of the World Cup last week?

9. A house fire on St. James Street in this Pittsburgh neighborhood belched black smoke all over.

10. This Pittsburgh landmark, long-time the home of what defunct department store, was put up for sale today?

Pennsylvania (#2)

1. Pennsylvania is not actually a state. What is it?
A Commonwealth

2. What is Pennsylvania's highest point?
Mount Davis (3,213 ft.)

3. How many counties are in Pennsylvania?

4. Which Pennsylvania college was the first established in the United States?
Dickinson College in Carlisle

5. Which was the only US president to be born in Pennsylvania?
James Buchanan

6. Who was the first governor of Pennsylvania?
Thomas Mifflin

7. Which Pennsylvania town was the site of the first oil well?

8. In the Big Four professional sports, how many combined championships does the state of Pennsylvania have?

9. The Zippo lighter was invented in which Pennsylvania town?

10. In what city will you find Yuengling & Sons, America's oldest brewery?

Name That Tune:

10. Ray Parker Jr. - The Other Woman

9. Juice Newton - Love's Been A Little Bit Hard to Me

8. The Dazz Band - Let it Whip

7. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Crimson and Clover

6. John Cougar Mellencamp - Hurts So Good

5. Willie Nelson - Always on My Mind

4. Asia - Heat of the Moment

3. Toto - Rosanna

2. The Human League - Don't You Want Me

1. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder - Ebony and Ivory

Mystery Category:
Canada Day

1. In what year did Canada truly become a self-governing nation?

2. How many combined territories and provinces does Canada have?

3. True or False. Much like the Four Corners, there is a spot in Canada where you can stand in two provinces and two territories at the same time?

4. If you win a Juno award in Canada, you are being recognized for excellence in what?

5. What Canadian band has the distinction of following The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith with the 4th longest streak of consecutive Gold/Platinum albums sold?

6. Who appears on a $20 Canadian bill?
Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

7. What appears on the Canadian dollar coin?
Loon (aka a Loonie)

8. What province is Sidney Crosby from?
Nova Scotia

9. What Canadian comedy television program launched the careers of Rick Moranis, John Candy, and Eugene Levy?

10. How many NHL teams are currently in Canadian cities?

Genius Round:

1. What animal's penis was on the list of banned substances at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic games? (5 points)

2. Which South Asian country is the second-largest exporter in the world? (5 points)

3. What was the first college sports game for Nintendo 64? (6 points)
Fox Sports College Hoops '99

4. What film did the American Film Institute name as the greatest Western of All-Time? (5 points)
The Searchers

5. After the White House, what is the second most visited residence in the United States? (4 points)

July 7th

Current Events:

1. Name the two teams playing in the World Cup Final
Holland (Netherlands) and either Spain or Germany

2. What is the name of the music boycott operation headed by Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine which prevents aligned artists from performing in the state of Arizona?
Sound Strike

3. What music artist recently told MTV, "The Internet's Completely Over"?

4. A proposal is currently out to raise the price of stamps to what?
46 cents

5. What female painter's 103rd birthday was celebrated yesterday with a Google doodle?
Frida Kahlo

6. Twitter recently created which username to give users a jump on special shopping deals?

7. What classic science fiction movie celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past weekend?
Back to the Future

8. NASA released a free video game that allows players to do what?
Build a Moon Base

9. Which Academy Award winning actor recently announced a guest spot on the hit show Glee?
Javier Bardem

10. What major sporting event began at Oakmont country club this week?
Women's US Open

New Jersey

1. What is New Jersey's nickname?
The Garden State

2. What number state was New Jersey in ratifying the Constitution?

3. True or False: New Jersey was the last northern state to abolish new slavery?

4. In what city did season 1 of the hit show Jersey Shore take place?
Seaside Heights

5. Who was the Wizard of Menlo Park?
Thomas Edison

6. True or False: New Jersey has the highest percentage of millionaire households?

7. What legendary band got their start in the dive bars of Asbury Park, NJ?
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

8. What New Jersey university was the site of the first collegiate football game?

9. What director, from Red Bank, is known for his Jersey trilogy?
Kevin Smith

10. True or False: The state animal of New Jersey is the Jersey Devil
False: It's the horse.

Name That Tune

91. Sarah McLachlan - "Building a Mystery" (1997, #13 US)
92. Public Enemy - "911 Is a Joke" (1990)
93. Lisa Loeb - "Stay (I Missed You)" (1994, #1 US)
94. Fastball - "The Way" (1998)
95. Montell Jordan - "This Is How We Do It" (1995, #1 US)
96. Nelson - "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection" (1990, #1 US)
97. Prince & The New Power Generation - "Gett Off" (1991, #27 US)
98. EMF - "Unbelievable" (1991, #1 US)
99. Missy Elliott - "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" (1997)
100. Gerardo - "Rico Suave" (1991, #7 US)

Mystery Category:
1980s Movie Quotes

1. "There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Now you stick to that, and everything else is cream cheese."
Teen Wolf

2. "What kind of a host invites you to his house for the weekend and dies on you?"
Weekend at Bernie's

3. "I gave her my heart. She gave me a pen."
Say Anything

4. "I want my two dollars!"
Better Off Dead

5. "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"
A Christmas Story

6. Holy dog shit. Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy. And you don't look much like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down.
Full Metal Jacket

7. “He's a very strange young man. He's an idiot. Comes from upbringing. His parents are probably idiots too. Lorraine, if you ever have a kid that acts that way I'll disown you.”
Back to the Future

8. “Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

9. "Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns."
The Breakfast Club

10. "I'd buy that for a dollar."

Genius Round:

1. What is the name of the largest intact tropical rainforest in Mexico? (6 points)
Selva Zoque

2. British Insurance insured three sisters for 1 million dollars if one of them gave birth to what? (5 points)
The Second Coming of Christ

3. Kato is the sidekick of what masked superhero? (5 points)
The Green Hornet

4. What does a philographist collect? (5 points)

5. Which Beatle's birthday is today and how old is he? (4 points)
Ringo Starr - 70

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bonnaroo Preview

It's time for summer and for me, that means only one thing. Music Festivals. Somewhere in the Western world, there's bound to be on every weekend. This weekend is probably the biggest one in the US, Bonnaroo. Started in 2002, Bonnaroo has grown from its humble roots in the Jamband community and the legendary Phish festivals to a festival that is one of the pre-eminent music events in North America.
Last year was my first trip to the Manchester, TN farm and I had a blast. Day one found me checking out such hot new bands as Hockey and White Rabbits. Day two I saw Animal Collective play in bright daylight, TV on the Radio rock out, watched the Penguins win the Stanley Cup with 30 strangers on a 13-inch screen while David Byrne and Jets Overhead rocked for my attention in the background, and then saw Phish for the first time in 5 years. Day Three kicked off with a hot set by Turbine, a surprise set from Jimmy Buffett, Comedy from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Jimmy Fallon broken up by big time favorite Dan Dyer, a taste of Elvis Costello and Wilco before the main course being in the pit of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The final day rounded out with Lebowski Fest, Okkervil River, Merle Haggard, Coheed & Cambria, and Phish with special guest Bruce Springsteen, a collaboration that truly blew my mind.
With all that excitement, the attention now turns to what surprises are in store for 2010. As noticed by the earlier list, I didn't get out to many late nights last year. This year seems all about the late nights. Here's a rundown of what I hope to catch.


Diane Birch
Local Natives
Neon Indian
The Temper Trap
Mayer Hawthorne and the County
The xx

Thursday is traditionally set for up and coming bands and this year is no different. Heavy hitters not to overlook include The Temper Trap and Local Natives which is why you'll find me at That Tent mostly on Thursday. Local Natives' killer Gorilla Manor and The Temper Trap's great Conditions lead the way but you'd be hard pressed to be let down on the festival's first day.


The Young Veins
The Gaslight Anthem
The Gossip
She & Him
The National
Tenacious D
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Kings of Leon
Daryl Hall and Chromeo
LCD Soundsystem

Friday is action-packed from the get-go. Starting with Panic! at the Disco ex-pats The Young Veins' retro sound is a good lead-in for The Gaslight Anthem's Springsteen-tinged Jersey punk. Then it's ladies day at This Tent as Beth Ditto's Gossip will have a mid-day dance party and then indie goddess Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward rock out as She & Him. I'll probably leave She & Him early to catch a bit of the National as High Violet and their back catalogue has me excited for the band. Then from the National, we go into the awesome power that is Tenacious D. I've seen the D before at Madison Square Garden but as D appearances are rare and Conan O'Brien is on hand, I feel this set is a don't miss. Probably, debut some new tracks as well. Michael Franti and Spearhead, a festival staple, will bring some much needed vibes to the day before seeing local boys Kings of Leon rock the main stage.
Friday late night is just as insane as the day. Making a decision on the three-way logjam that is the Flaming Lips, The Black Keys, and Daryl Hall & Chromeo, watching one clip from Live from Daryl's House on YouTube made the decision easy. Daryl Hall & Chromeo will be one not to miss. The Flaming Lips will be around and The Black Keys, I'll catch at Lollapalooza. It all leads to probably the biggest set of the day (sorry Kings of Leon), LCD Soundsystem from 2-4 AM. I don't even need to say anymore. It's gonna be on fire.


Conan O'Brien
Jimmy Cliff
The Avett Brothers
DJ Logic
Stevie Wonder
Thievery Corporation
Disco Biscuits

After the clusterbang that is Friday, the Bonnaroo scheduling gets much easier. Saturday is really about one thing for me: Conan. I will do whatever it takes to be in the Comedy Tent for Coco. Probably the artist I'm most looking to see at the 'Roo this year. Never was able to catch a taping of Late Night so this'll be as close to that as I can get. Nice breather after Coco, either watching USA/England in the World Cup or making my way to the What Stage for Jimmy Cliff. A reggae legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, it will be amazing to be in the sunshine (hopefully) enjoying Cliff's mellow grooves. The folk rock stylings of the Avett Brothers will follow that only to ramp it up for an amazing 1-2-3 combo with the pop-rock of Weezer, the legendary funk/R&B of Stevie Wonder, and then a special late night set by one of the greatest MCs ever, Jay-Z. It's gonna be a crazy evening. Another cool down with Thievery Corporation and then back up with DeadMau5 and The Disco Biscuits raving into the early morning.


Ingrid Michaelson
Aziz Ansari
Blues Traveler
They Might Be Giants
Dropkick Murphys
Zac Brown Band
Dave Matthews Band

After raging all day, what better way to ease into the last day of Bonnaroo than the great pop of Ingrid Michaelson? It really will be a perfect Sunday kickoff. Then some comedy with the very hot Aziz Ansari. It'll be interesting to see what he has now that he had a bit about Bonnaroo and the Sonic Forest on his last record. Stalwart jamband Blues Traveler will bring their signature sound to the Other Tent following by legendary geek rockers They Might Be Giants. Dropkick Murphys will be a nice way to break the mellowness of the day with their Irish punk before winding down with country-fried Zac Brown Band, indie darlings Phoenix, and Dave Matthews Band, who will bring the heat but who's mellow vibes are only succeeded by Jack Johnson. A very mellow but musically great Sunday.

That's what's on my schedule for Bonnaroo. I'm sure there will be deviations and surprises. I'll hopefully post some photos and stories from the event when I get back next week. For updates during the event, follow me on Twitter: @MusicGroz

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26th Trivia

6 teams came out to Cappy's tonight. The Last Hurrah lead from the post to the finish, depsite huge gains by Giant Douche and LOL Wut Hax. Here's the answers. Follow me on Twitter for next week's Mystery Category.

Current Events:

1. Google had a playable version of what popular 80s version video game as the doodle on it's website last week?

2. Last week, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers reached the Stanley Cup Final. Name the last year these two team made the final. Not against each other.
Flyers-1997, Blackhawks-1992

3. What was the last scene of Lost?
Jack's eye closed.

4. President Obama recently ordered 1200 troops to where?
US/Mexico border

5. What CEO was quoted as "I don't know. People just trust me. Dumb fucks."
Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

6. 30 people died in a drug-fueled gun battle in Kingston, the capitol of what Island nation?

7. What member of the Pussycat dolls won Dancing with the Stars?
Nicole Schzeringer

8. What city was awarded Super Bowl XLVIII?
New York

9. A back injury to their lead singer forced which band to cancel their appearance at Glastonbury and their summer tour.

10. What sequel to a hit film based on a tv show opens tomorrow?
Sex and the City 2

2000s Movie Quotes:

1. Nobody tells DJ Request what to play.
The Goods

2. I drink your milkshake.
There Will Be Blood

3. Wanna see a pencil disappear?
The Dark Knight

4. Get off my lawn!
Gran Torino

5. My theory on Feds is they're like mushrooms. Feed 'em shit and keep 'em in the dark.
The Departed

6. I could die right now, Clem. I'm just...happy. I've never felt that before. I'm just exactly where I want to be.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

7. Greater good? I am your wife! I'm the greatest good you are ever gonna get!
The Incredibles

8. I'm gonna teach you the meaning of pain. You like pain? Try wearing a corset.
Pirates of the Caribbean

9. Well guess what bitch? I'm better than Annie Oakley and I've got you right in my sights so let's talk.
Kill Bill Vol. 2

10. I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion!

Seinfeld Trivia:

1. Who invaded Spain in the 8th century?
The Moops

2. What type of candy does Kramer drop during Roy's splenectomy?
Junior Mint

3. In "The Nap," what does Steinbrenner do when he hears George's ticking alarm clock?
Calls in the bomb squad.

4. What does Newman hit with his mail truck causing it to burst into flames?
A sewing machine that fell out of Jerry's car

5. In the same episode, what does George's Phil Rizzuto keychain say?
Holy Cow!

6.After Elaine asked Puddy to not paint his face for another New Jersey Devils game, what does he do for the next game?
Paints his chest

7. What is wrong with the christmas card that Elaine sends everyone?
Her nipple is showing

8. What food caused Jerry to break his 13-year nonvomiting streak?
A black-and-white cookie

9. Who gave Jerry an Armani suit in exchange for dinner?
Kenny Bania

10. What town did the gang find themselves stranded in in the finale?
Latham, Massachusettes

Name That Tune:

10. Hey, Soul Sister - Train
9. Rude Boy - Rhianna
8. Alejandro - Lady Gaga
7. Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha
6. Not Afraid - Eminem
5. Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris
4. Nothin' On You - B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars
3. Airplanes - B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams
2. California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg
1. OMG - Usher feat.

Genius Round:

1. How many future MLB all-stars were on the 1992 College Baseball All-America Team? (5 points)

2. What US president had previously been a US senator, minister to England, France and Spain, Secretary of War, Secretary of State and Governor of Virginia? (6 Points)
James Monroe

3. What US state's motto is "United we stand, divided we fall?" (4 points)

4. "The Crimson Permanent Assurance" was a 15-minute film that aired directly before what 1983 comedy feature film? (5 points)
Monty Python's The Meaning of LIfe

5. "Traveller" and "Lucy Long" were the two horses that belonged to what immortal 19th century military leader? (5 points)
Robert E. Lee